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At The Center for StrongFamilies, we are committed to providing cutting-edge articles and research to help enrich marriage, parenting, family, and self-relationships.

You can see some of our articles and research below. We are always adding more, so make sure you sign up to get notified when new articles or studies come out.

Books We Recommend

Here are four research-based books on Attachment that we recommend to help you go deeper into helping individuals, couples, parents, families, and teams live out genuine attachment and build Strong Families.

Created for Connection

Dr. Sue Johnson and Kenny Sanderfer have written an outstanding book based on “attachment science” around EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy. A great book, from a Christian perspective, on attachment in Marriage.

The Blessing

Based on Dr. Trent’s research on bonding and attachment in his dissertation, this book, now revised with his oldest daughter, Kari, is a powerful tool for understanding the deep need for attachment and “blessing” in a family context.

Thrive By Design

Attachment and bonding science is now being used in the workplace! Here is a powerful book (not from a Christian or faith-based perspective) on the powerful role of attachment in the workplace. A great read for teams, coaches, and managers alike.

The Relationally Intelligent Child

Based on current research on “relational intelligence” by Dr. Trent and Dr. Dewey Wilson, you'll discover the power of RI, and learn how to help children develop this essential skill.

Research-Based Articles

Cutting-edge research on attachment and building strong relationships.

Powerful Article on “Mirror Neurons” and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Understand the role of mirror neurons in relational dysfunction in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

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Role of “Fathers” in Current research

Father involvement, father-child relationship, and attachment in the early years.

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Attachment and Mid-Life Marriage

Good study out of the University of Nebraska on Attachment and Mid-Life Marriage Perceptions of attachment style and marital quality in midlife marriage.

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